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about us

Agri Properties, your single partner

Agri Properties is focused to be the leading partner in the agri real estate in Central- and Eastern Europe. Non-familly farms with a size above 500 hectares, 400 milking cows or 10.000 finishers have our special attention.

We advice in the sale and acquisition of agricultural properties to (international) farmers and investors. Our aim is to be an European platform with its international network of offices and a multilingual website.

Our local partners are entrepreneurs with a considerable knowledge of the agri real estate market in their working area.

Our strength

Agri Properties cooperates with local professionals. These partners work according to our standards, all under Agri Properties umbrella. Our partners have a thorough understanding of the local market and market conditions. We go for the best result, which we only can achieve by the right preparations, unambiguous project approach, sincerity and honesty.

Agri Properties want to be the best in the market in quality, reliability and continuity.

All properties, one partner, one website

When it is about a large scale agriculture property in (Eastern- or Central-)Europe, we are your partner.

No matter in which country, the kind of agri real estate or the kind of investor you are, we like to support your new investments plans.

With our multilingual website we give our clients the best opportunity to present their property on an international platform. The website is constructed to give detailed information about the farms for sale.